Thermal waters

salt-bromine-iodine for care or well-being

The salt-bromine-iodine hyperthermal waters of Terme Stufe di Nerone flow at a temperature of about 74 ° C.
Thanks to its organoleptic characteristics, immersion in the thermal waters gives a pleasant sensation of renewed skin thanks to the re-mineralization of the skin tissue and the elimination of impurities combined with the deep sweating in the natural sauna.

Bath in the thermal pools has an anti-stress and relaxing effect on the muscles.

Inside the thermal park there are several springs of thermal waters (with temperatures different from 38 to 58 ° C) that form two beautiful lakes very different in physical-chemical composition and appearance.

The thermal waters for the therapeutic properties they enjoy, as well as having a toning and anti-inflammatory character, give particular benefit and are particularly recommended for all forms of

  • arthrosis,
  • rheumatism,
  • diseases of the respiratory tract,
  • stomatitis,
  • vaginitis,
  • juvenile acne.

The Stufe di Nerone Spa is authorized by the Ministry of Health to use its thermal waters for therapeutic purposes.

Moreover, by virtue of its therapeutic properties, the spa in collaboration with the University of Naples and the CE.RI.S.T (Center for Research and Thermal Studies) has launched some researches whose publications can be downloaded below.

Effects of anthrotherapy on subjects with osteoarthritis

Classificazione delle acque

Denominazione acqua ipertermale salso - bromo - iodica - solfato - alcalina - terrosa
Temperatura alla sorgente 79.60° C
Residuo fisso a 180° 16742 mg/L

Analisi delle acque

Ione Risultato mg/L
Silice 127.70
Bicarbonati 373.80
Cloruri 10932,16
Solfati 526,10
Sodio 6997,45
Potassio 257,11
Calcio 338,23
Magnesio 128,57
Ferro disciolto 0,03
Fosforo totale 0,30
Stronzio 1,39
Litio 1,68
Bromo 1,95
Iodio 3,00




Gli effetti benefici sulle articolazioni, sulla muscolatura nelle grotte calde e nelle piscine.

Cure inalatorie

L'acqua termale ed i benefici a naso, bocca, gola, laringe, bronchi e polmoni. 

Cure ginecologiche

I principi attivi delle acque salso-bromo-iodiche sono validi alleati per le donne.