Access to services at the Spa

To access the basic services at the Terme Stufe di Nerone, you must have a personal pass, available for 6, 10 and 20 daily admissions.
It is also possible to enter with a single entrance, for those who want to spend a single day. But you can only buy online with a card or bank transfer.
The subscription and single entry allow the use of all public areas without time limitations for the entire duration of the opening of the spa. In particular:

- natural sauna;
- indoor thermal pool with hydrojets hydromassage;
- thermal shower;
- semi-Olympic outdoor thermal pool;
- warm and semi-warm environments;
- thermal park with springs.

Children from 3 years reduce entry from the parent's subscription.

You can buy directly from us at the time your subscription. Alternatively, you can purchase (and give away) the subscription with online payment.

Prezzi ingresso terme
Subscription 6 daily pass 120 euro   Vedi
Subscription 10 daily pass 190 euro Vedi
Subscription 20 daily pass 350 euro Go
Daily pass (1 persona), only on line 30 euro Go
Wellness package (daily pass + massage) from 55 euro Go

Useful info

What is needed to spend a day at the spa.


Opening time:  Here is where you can consult our opening hours.



- Gift Idea

Wellness packages are nice gift ideas. A special gift: a day or several days of wellness when you want it most, without haste.
One Day Spa packages are open so you can decide when to use it calmly.

The cost of the package starts at 55 euros per person and includes a relaxing 20-minute massage.

Or you can give a daily admission that costs 30 euros per person (so without massages).

It is possible to pass on site to pick up a gift package or you can request a gift voucher that will be sent via email.


pacchetti_famiglia.jpgFor the family

The 6, 10 and 20 subscription pass is perfect for the family.

With an subscription pass, the holder + another adult and minor children can enter.

The ideal time to come to the spa and enjoy a nice relaxing day is spring / summer.

The children have an outdoor area with a dedicated swimming pool, an outdoor thermal pool, lawns and shaded areas for a healthy rest.

Meanwhile, mum and dad can enjoy a thermal bath, a sauna and simply relax in a safe and beautiful environment.