Natural Sauna

the hot-humid natural caves


At our spa there are two natural stoves, heated by the underlying thermal waters. Inside the temperature is around 53 ° C. It is a high saturation vapor environment containing vaporized mineral salts.

In natural stoves the therapeutic action (antrotherapy) depends on the presence of hot thermal waters and steam emissions deriving from active volcanic phenomena (we are still in the territory of the famous burning fields!).

Inside the stoves there is a particular microclimate, due to the combination of numerous factors (water temperature and its chemical composition, humidity rate, degree of ionization of the air).

The high saturation of vapor rich in mineral salts favors the fluidification of stagnant spots and allows to solve annoying problems such as rhinitis and chronic sinusitis. (But watch out for asthmatics, steam can have an irritating effect!)

The stove favors an abundant sweating allowing the water exchange, and at the same time it exercises a vascular exercise that prevents arteriosclerosis improving the functioning of the circulatory system.

Sauna Naturale