The ancient Roman Baths

an experience near Naples that you must try


Set in the splendid scenery of the Phlegraean Fields, between Pozzuoli and Bacoli along the Phlegrean coast, there are the ancient Roman baths Stufe di Nerone.

The Stufe di Nerone thermal baths, formerly Silviane thermal baths of the II century A.D. renowned for female fertility, following the style of the ancient Romans, they set up, with modern technology, the philosophy of "caring for pleasure" with which Baia and its thermal baths have stood out for several centuries. In fact, the motto of the spa is: "here if ipsum amat in hunc locum venit" or: whoever loves can not help but frequent this beautiful corner of paradise.

The Terme Stufe di Nerone adopts the philosophy of "total well-being": care for the body and mind, as well as in ancient Roman and Eastern tradition, find a natural place here, thanks to a natural environment and the therapeutic properties of the waters. In addition, as well as those frequented by the ancient Romans, they are not limited to a merely curative function, but also offer a recreational character by virtue of the social importance that the spa has always had.

A few minutes from Naples, in the burning land that is renowned for its thermal springs on the mainland (in Agnano) and on Ischia's islands, the Terme Stufe di Nerone are elected as the main place to rediscover the healthy physical and psychological form and enjoy a day of relaxation between the natural sauna, the thermal pools, the natural springs and a pleasant massage.

Thermal Water

salt-bromo-iodic thermal water

Therapeutic indications, research, applications.

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Thermal Park

external environments

A varied spa landscape: among pergolas, meadows, oaks and ponds.

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Thermal pools

the indoor and outdoor thermal pool

The thermal pools: indoor and outdoor for max relax and well-being.

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Natural Saunas

humid and warm

Health and well-being thanks to the high saturation of steam and minerals.

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