The Termal Park

among natural springs, ponds, lawn


Located in the splendid setting of the Phlegrean Fields, close to the sea and on the border with Lake Lucrino, the spa park of the Terme Stufe di Nerone has a large outdoor space that can be used all year round thanks to the particular micro temperate climate that characterizes the 'geographic area.

Inside the thermal park there are about 20/25 hot and cold thermal springs that form two characteristic lakes that are very different from one another in terms of appearance and composition of the water.

The green areas are very large and characterized by a varied vegetation typical of the Phlegraean area. Each guest will be able to carve out and choose their own space to relax and enjoy the beneficial effect of the thermal waters.

So you can choose to "capture" even the most timid rays of sun lying on the sunbed in the large solarium area dedicated to heliotherapy: an area covered by lawn and dotted with some areas of shade with large palm trees and trees such as: myrtle, pomegranate, black pepper, elderberry etc.

Very characteristic are the "architectural coverings" made with the native vines or with the American screw. Below you will find pleasant refreshment from the heat of summer days.

With the arrival of summer opens the outdoor refreshment point in the beautiful citrus grove, to enjoy a light and delicious meal and continue with the day at the spa.

Beyond the citrus grove, along the terracing, begins a flora characterized by large olive trees, carob trees, oaks: excellent reading points or simply relaxing. If you want to go down, you will find the thermal spring of the pond of Venus, a real corner of paradise to be absolutely silent and marvelous.

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